T’ai Chi illustrato

Five Element Theory 五行 Wu Xing is actually an extension of Taiji Theory. Taiji is absolute wholeness and Yinyang are the multitude of interconnected and interdependent parts that make it up.

Earth is Center or neutral. Fire and Metal are greater and lesser Yang. Water and Wood are greater are greater and lesser yin.

When these five agents are present in their proper proportions and functioning in their own full capacity, harmonizing and balancing together, we can say the system is functioning optimally. The system is complete. Everything is taking place at the right time and concentration.

There is no gain without loss and no loss without gain. We must give to receive and receive to give. Like the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors there is no absolute winner or absolute loser. There is weakness in strength and strength in weakness. Knowledge is indeed power.

Le onde delle emozioni / The waves of emotions

Antonio De Lisa (Adel)- Le onde delle emozioni / The waves of emotions

Year: 2012
Title:Le onde delle emozioni / The waves of emotions
Technique: Olio su tela / oil on canvas
Size: 120×80 cm
Author: Antonio De Lisa

Categories: A10.02- Riferimenti della cultura cinese


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